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Development Path

Important node
Xinjiang Zhonghe Co., Ltd., formerly known as Urumqi Aluminum Plant, founded in 1958. In 1981, 1984, 1985 and continued for three technical transformation, the development of Cape aluminum, refined aluminum, aluminum alloys, electrical pole, carbon five series.
On 15th February in 1996, for the sake of satisfying the requirements of Chinese economic reform and socialist market economy to switch the operating mechanisms and accelerate the technological reconstruction and construction of high-tech projects, Urumqi Aluminum Manufactory has been reformed into joint-equity enterprise and was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange with the stock name of Xinjiang Joinworld and stock code of 600888 which brought the new opportunity to further development.
On 14th August in 2003, TBEA became the first shareholder holding 29.42% equities of Joinworld. On the account of resources sharing and advantages complementing, TBEA built a wide platform for Joinworld to expand the social influence and enhance the brand effect.
The major technical innovation projects have been started in 2010 and the groundbreaking ceremony for National Strategic Emerging Industry of Xinjiang Joinworld Electronic New Materials Circular Economy Industrial Base and CHP (combined heat and power ) project was held in Urumqi Ganquanpu Industrial Park on 30th October 2010. The construction of the project has laid a solid foundation for the industrial upgrading of Joinword.
On 9th May 2012, the completing ceremony of the firs phase of Xinjiang Joinworld Electronic New Materials Industrial Park and manufacturing lines has been held in Urumqi High-New Tech Developing Zone. Xinjiang Joinworld has built a high-tech with high added value Electronic New Materials Circular Economy Industrial Chain of Energy-High Purity Aluminum-Electronic Aluminum Foil-Electrode Foil in terms of the developing mode of zero pollution, low energy consumption and full cycle.
In June 2013, Xinjiang Joinworld established Xinjiang Joinworld Modern Logistics Co., Ltd. on east Kashi Road of Urumqi by fully making geographical advantages to accelerate the transition into modern logistics provider. At present, Modern Logistics is capable of operating railway and the handling capacity is up to 5 million tons per year, primary storage capacity reach to 1 million tons. Xinjiang Joinworld has become the only enterprise who has railway special lines.
Company's innovative development ideas, change the development mode, operating income of 7.627 billion yuan, an increase of 43.14%.。
On 31st March 2016, the foundation laying ceremony of the first phase of Xinjiang Joinworld Jin Yuan Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd. has been held in Dikan Park of Shanshan county. Xinjiang Joinworld Jin Yuan Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd. was registered in Shanshan county of Turpan city with the cooperation with the 1st geological group of Xinjiang Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources Development in January 2015. The Magnesite Industry Park Project is the major deployment of optimizing industrial layout and promoting the mineral resources exploitation.

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